SLG bag making machine

Bag making machine SLG for soft handle bags with lateral gussets.

Composed by:
  • Reel holder with pneumatic braking disc electronically controlled;
  • Motorized guide device for the automatic alignment of the film with high-resolution polarized photocells;
  • Photocell emergency stop order coil;
  • Gusseting with pneumatic adjustment pressure calenders full of bellows pressure bar;
  • Axis grille unwinding motorized power by inverter;
  • Photoelectric photocell for printed film, with automatic color learning acquisition;
  • Axis grille forward with brushless motor;
  • Sealing of the bottom handling with brushless motor, with fine adjustment of the welding pressure;
  • Board cold cutting with brushless motor;
  • Exit belt transport bags with air depression belts, moving with complete brushless motor of pressure bar;
  • SL device for application of comprehensive flexible insertion handle using pliers without needles driven by brushless motors, pneumatic shear, upper sealing movement and bottom with pneumatic cylinders;
  • Transversal collection conveyor with variable speed and robots collection bags;
  • Separate electric equipment of the car;
  • Industrial PC-based automation on Windows standard with 12″ video data setting. Virtual touch-screen controls Intuitive and easy to learn interface;
  • Saving jobs with dimensions, speed, material pull and temperature. Recipeable data for subsequent processing. Provision of remote assistance as standard.