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ENCA SRL construction, customization and sale of plastic machinery

ENCA is a reality that faces the market for the design, construction, customization and sale of plastic machinery and not.

The long experience of its team of engineering, allows to deal with the problems of automation of the most diverse sectors of industry. The know-how and design capabilities to provide customers the utmost attention to detail, which are included in the construction of his machines, along with the ability to tailor solutions to the needs of end users.

The embodiments are designed with a high technological content, able to guarantee production over the years a flexible, efficient and reliable. Are used for their construction materials and components for automation and wide dissemination of proven reliability, with the additional merit of having a readily available on the international market.

Services ENCA

Study of mechanical design that more than 30 years designing machines for a few plants-manufacturers in various fields, machines for plastic materials, the steel industry with heavy mechanical and carpentry, special machines.

Complete construction of mechanical and electrical installation.


High quality standards

The objective of ENCA is to offer a service for third parties to 360° in order to deal with a single, well known and reliable, able to provide the full range of services needed by an industrial company, ensuring high quality standards.

Selected partners

ENCA for the construction, uses tested over the years and trust companies that work in synergy with us to make our projects, thus moving from concept to realization. The companies involved in the manufacture of machines and mechanical groups often carry out the mechanical assembly of different parts, ENCA is not only able to perform various operations, but also to assemble the finished products to customers by providing an additional and qualified service.

Custom projects

The assembly of the various elements may be required of the Customer according to a specific project, so also in all matters relating to the electrical and automation, providing software solutions including ad hoc using the main market standards. The implementation is done accurately, taking particular attention to functionality and economic aspects but nevertheless does not leave out the details, the attention to detail and finish.