Electronic welding machine AC-06-RT

Electronic welding machine mod. AC-06-RT useful 600 mm. for the production of biodegradable bags in pre-cut rolls for fruit and vegetables.

Working at 1 track, it is addressed to customers with low-medium production batch requests with continuous format changes.

  • Winder with automatic electronic braking with load cell;
  • Automatic film centering;
  • Cut and weld;
  • Gusseting device;
  • Welding with double wire and pre-cut with electronic temperature regulation;
  • Shopper or bottom welding selection;
  • Die for motorized shopper;
  • Non-stop semi-automatic rewinder with manual reel unloading;
  • Windows based industrial PC with 12 “video data setting with touch-screen virtual controls. Dedicated software for intuitive operation and easy learning. Saving work with recipes. Prearrangement for remote series remote assistance.