TGV-07-MP bag making machine

Bag making machine TGV-07-MP for bags PE-PP width 600 mm. minimum length 45 mm, 300 shot/min. Composed by:

  • V-Folder useful wide coil 1200 mm with transversal displacement with handwheel, pneumatic dancer;
  • Expansion shaft 3”. Maximum diameter of coils 900 mm;
  • Reel holder with motorized unwinder;
  • Automatic film guide device with high resolution polarized photocells controlled by a reversed AC geared motor;
  • Diameter and dancer sensor.
  • Axiscalendarfilm unwindingis controlled by AC motor with inverter;
  • Printed films photocell with chromatic Auto-learning acquisition and automatic auto-learning cut position;
  • Antistatic supply with 4 bars;
  • Axis evacuation conveyor bags is controlled by AC motor with inverter;
  • Axis calenders advance and Welding-knitting with brushless motorization;
  • Photocell film jam incoming calendar feed;
  • Regulation speed and length bags during automatic production, without stop machine for adjusting;
  • Electrical equipmentinstalledonthe machine, including all electrical and electronic equipment as well as the main control system;
  • Industrial PC-based automation on Windows standard with 12″ video data setting. Virtual touch-screen controls Intuitive and easy to learn interface; saving jobs with dimensions, speed, material pull and temperature. Recipeable data for subsequent processing;
  • Prearrangement remote tele-assistance standard incorporated in the machine, thus allowing complete remote check-up, adjusting the machine parameters, control of all installed drives and software;
  • “FB” Electronic bags brake device with brushless motorization;
  • Upper side seal unit for PE-PP;
  • Silicon roll;
  • Conveyor belt for collection bags;
  • Structure hole punch complete di special pneumatic plant for high speed;
  • AScraps removal;
  • Structure with N°2 Motorized adhesive/tape dispenser;
  • Knives for trimming flap;
  • Lateral knives cut each edge;
  • Knives for split the film.