Many users, in their production departments have mechanical heat sealers that would like to recondition electronically by installing brushless motors and updated technology.

ENCA doesn’t stop at this, our retrofits are radical, and after the intervention the customer finds a new machine with warranty. In these cases, the old welding machine is completely disassembled and repainted. The reel holder with the addition of the brake and of the film centering device is completely modified. In addition, we proceed with the re-rolling of the calenders, the application of brushless motors, the change of bearings and belts, etc.

The supply includes an electrical cabinet with a main control system, an industrial PC and data setting on video using virtual touch-screen controls. Saving jobs with various formats, including speeds and temperatures through the recipes database available on the control system.

At every recall, of a recipe already saved, all the machine parameters will automatically reset with a few touches of the touch screen. Example of a retrofit on BFM heat sealer, complete with mechanical review, painting and complete remake of the electrical/electronic system. Addition of electronic PAC based on industrial PC and brushless drives, suitable for the control of the machine axes, automatic pull on the reel in progress, the thermoregulation process and the control phase of the zip, punch and ultrasound accessories.


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