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Solid structure.

  • Unwinding on guides for reel centering, film axis on supports with pneumatic disc brake automatically adjusted by 2 load cells and proportional valve;
  • Edge guide and print sensor with linear actuator;
  • 3” expansion shaft with manual coil loading;
  • Circular and blade cutting devices with manual movement;
  • Towing calender with rubberized pressure roller controlled by AC motor with drive;
  • Film rewinder on 2 frictioned axes controlled by an AC motor with inverter.

The main functions that can be identified on the automatism will be:

  • Control of the towing speed with controlled ramp;
  • Control of primary coil tensioning;
  • Film centering control;
  • Control of the winding speed with controlled ramp;
  • Adjustment of film tension in wrapping;
  • Metric control of measurements in progress;
  • Automatic start and stop sequences;
  • Manual sequences of machine incursion;
  • Safety checks, according to machine regulations;
  • Safety control of the coil loading/unloading sequences (which are intended as manuals);
  • Management of alarm and status messaging.

Mechanical speed 300 m / min. ****